The Benefits of Flouride

You may remember as a kid when visiting the dentist that at the end of every teeth cleaning and exam your dentist made you put these funny little trays in your mouth filled with some yummy flavored type of goo. Those were fluoride treatments, and those treatments restored a very important element to the health of your teeth at a young age – of course it is known how important fluoride treatments were for infants and children, but it is still important as our teeth reach adulthood.

Each day our tooth enamel is exposed to mineral loss when acids formed by plaque and bacteria attack the enamel. Too much mineral exposure without remineralization can lead to tooth decay. This is why fluoride is imperative to the health of our teeth. Floruide is a mineral found regularly in most foods and water and helps prevent tooth decay by combating the acids and plaque that seek to break through our enamel.


Now keeping the enamel of your teeth in tact is easier than ever. Most city’s have even added fluoride to their water supply and oral care company’s offer fluoride treatments through toothpaste and various mouth rinses. And most dental offices can offer you a fluoride treatment in a gel or foam variety. There are even fluoride supplements in the form of tablets or liquids which your dentist or doctor can provide.

Doing routine fluoride treatments is important for many reasons, other than just protecting your enamel. People suffering from early signs of gum disease would benefit from fluoride treatments as the gums expose more of the tooth and even the root under the condition. Treating the extra exposed enamel can prevent further damage to the enamel.

For those suffering from chronic dry mouth, fluoride treatments can assist in protecting the enamel from acids since the mouth isn’t producing as much saliva. Further if you have the tendency to contract cavities, the fluoride will assist in breaking up the plaque that forms on or in between teeth as well as on the gum line.

If perhaps you are wearing braces or are considering getting braces, you run the risk of contracting unwanted plaque around the brackets and orthodontic appliances. The fluoride will help here in keeping those areas free from plaque build up.

If you’re curious how fluoride can help the health of your teeth schedule an appointment at Tigard Family Dental and find out the options best suited for you. Dr. Greg A. Williams and his friendly staff are happy to help you get the best possible care for your teeth.

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