Oregon Mobile Dentistry Makes Dental Care More Accessible to Patients

US Navy 080622-N-1120L-008 Lt. Matthew Dent, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 7's dental officer, performs a dental exam on a Seabee during the battalion's unit field exercise (FEX)
Navy performs mobile dentistry.

The days of doctors and dentists making house calls is thought to be long gone. The staff at Tigard Family Dentistry don’t think so however. Tigard Family Dentistry, is one of the few dental offices in Oregon that offer mobile dentistry for patients who have issues leaving their place of residence. If someone in your family needs dental care, but transporting them to and from dental appointments is troublesome, Tigard Family Dentistry has you covered with mobile dentistry.

People can have mobility issues for all sorts of reason. The most common people who suffer from issues with their mobility, are people with disabilities, and the elderly. Don’t let a lack of a car keep you or your loved ones from receiving the best dental care possible. Mobile dentistry, takes a lot of the fear and anxiety surrounding dental appointments out of the equation. Receiving dental care from the luxury of your own home is not only convenient, but it helps make access to dental care more universal.

Dr. Williams heads the Tigard Family Dentistry subsidiary, Oregon Mobile Dentistry. Most of what they do, is visit assisted living facilities, allowing residents to receive dental care in a comfortable environment. In 2011, Dr. Su Schatz joined the Oregon Mobile Dentistry team, and her and Williams have been providing great dental care to Oregon residents in need ever since.

By offering services like mobile dentistry, Tigard Family Dentistry really shows how they keep all of their patients in mind. Whether you arrive for you appointment in a Mercedez Benz, or your slippers and robe, the team at Tigard Family will treat you with kindness and respect and offer you the best dental care available. So before discounting dental care for you or a relative because the stress of transporting a patient is just too much, consider Oregon Mobile Dentistry to assist in your needs. It’s just one of the things Tigard Family Dentistry does to make dental health care accessible to a wider range of patients.

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